Rapture – RW Suit

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RAPTURE – Our specially-designed Relative Work / Belly Suit is a great-performing suit for jumpers of all skill levels! This is a custom-made suit that is built to specifically fit the measurements you provide.

Zipper Cover Options

Collar Styles

Color-Matched PipingPiping

Adding color-matched piping can dramatically alter the appearance of your suit. It adds a pop color (same color as the stitching) that makes your suit stand out from the crowd!


*Important Notices*

  • All jumpsuits are custom-made upon ordering. Please understand that there is a 4-6 week production time for each suit ordered.
  • All of our suits are custom-made to fit your exact measurements. Be sure to complete this Jumpsuit Measurements Form along with your online purchase.

Suit Measurements

Watch the video below for measurement specifics and techniques. If you have trouble viewing this video, watch it on YouTube.

Additional Information

Zipper Cover

None, Magnetic, Covered, Velcro/Snap, Snap

Collar Style

Style 1, Style 2, Style 3